September 26, 2016: Odyssey Engineers Alan Asp and Guy deCarufel were recently recognized for their work on “Generic Command and Telemetry Applications CI-TO” with a runner-up award during NASA’s Software of the Year competition.

Every year, each NASA center selects their best software to enter in this prestigious award competition designed to recognize developers of exceptional software created for or by NASA. The Software of the Year Award competition allows NASA to recognize and appreciate the teams that set high standards for significant software. Alan and Guy’s work won the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Software of the Year Competition and went on to represent JSC in this year’s national competition.

“Generic Command and Telemetry Applications CI-TO” is an extensible framework for general-purpose, configurable, telemetry output (TO) and command ingest (CI) Core Flight System (cFS,) applications. These applications, and their supporting I/O library, are being used on several current and future space mission projects and were designed to enable software reuse.

Congratulations to Alan and Guy for this prestigious award!