April 4, 2014: The NASA JSC Software Awards Selection Committee has made its selections for the 2014 JSC Exceptional Software Awards. The JSC Engineering Orbital Dynamics (JEOD) software package was chosen as the winner in the Scientific Category. Several Odyssey engineers are on the award-winning development team.

JEOD is a collection of computational mathematical models used to accurately represent the dynamic state of a spacecraft in a space environment. The software package contains environment models representing the forces acting on the spacecraft, and dynamics models that numerically propagate its state. JEOD, which has been in use at JSC for over 10 years, provides the environmental models and dynamics engine of virtually all spacecraft simulations at JSC as well as those of several commercial and educational partners. Odyssey engineers have played an active role in JEOD design and development from its earliest days, and continue to provide support to the software package and its users.

In addition to the Exceptional Software Award, the Awards Selection Committee also announced JEOD as the JSC nominee for NASA’s 2014 Agency Software of the Year. Best wishes to the entire development team in that competition.

Congratulations to the Odyssey engineers sharing in this award!